7 thoughts on “Yahoo!: For Shapovalov and Fuorivia, their way has been the highway

  1. even funnier saying peliwo may not have peaked yet lol. Out of that group still a crapshoot give them time to develop!

    • Actually…that was a typo. I meant Raonic, Bouchard, Pospisil….LOL.

      I’m just amazed by the amount of talent in junior ranks and current pro level for Canada now compared to 20 years ago.

      • You just didn’t hear about it then. And the number of countries producing it was far more limited, as well. It’s not a direct comparison.

  2. I enjoyed this article a great deal, especially the info on the financial assistance Shapovalov is receiving. The pay it forward concept in this context sounds terrific.

  3. Thanks for a great insight, Stephanie. It’s nice to hear about the upcoming kids, and I know you have a LOT of other things on the go, just keeping up with the higher-ups.

    • It’s crazy how much depth Canada has in the junior ranks coming up. Shapovalov, Auger-Aliassime, Sigouin, Andreescu, Abanda…Peliwo….and then you have Raonic, Bouchard, Peliwo who still may not have peaked yet.

      Canadian tennis may soon have as much depth as France in the near future.

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