2 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Genie Bouchard’s 2016 season ends with a loss in Luxembourg

  1. Tough end of season- was in QC and saw the meltdown and after that…it just didn’t appear Genie could put a match together. Too bad. Still a fan, but it was tough to watch. Saw Luxembourg on Tennis TV and it’s a consistent message of not being able to maintain a level for the entire match. Hope she has a good off season and we’ll see what happens in 2017!

    • Luxembourg was a lot better than Linz.
      I thought she actually hit the ball really well throughout – esp. in the 2nd and 3rd sets, and put more returns in play. Served pretty well, too. Played good defence, avoided the free points on the second shot (that was the biggest issue in 2015) and even tried a few different things.
      Her opponent’s level fluctuated a ton, so it would be hard to keep a level when the level keeps changing.
      The main reason she lost was because of the break-point opportunities; her opponent for the most part played those better than she did on those. Which of course is the key.
      She didn’t play much tennis or practice much after Quebec City so it could have been much worse. I guess that’s the positive spin.

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