3 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Hip check needed, but Raonic moves on

  1. When I first heard Raonic was playing doubles, I wondered the same thing. Also I’m a bit biased towards Nestor playing one last Olympics….

    Why jeopardize singles especially when he’s not a doubles player. However, he’s been impressive with the strides he’s made around the net this year, especially the Aussie open run.

    Yes there’s a chance he could hurt his back or something stretching out for a volley, but with two cracks at an Olympic medal, I can see why he would want to play doubles too.

  2. With all the physical issues that crop up with Milos, I can’t understand why he wants to play doubles at the Olympics. If he has a good run going in singles, why jeopardize incurring an injury by also playing doubles.

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