3 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Maria Sharapova hit with two-year doping suspension

  1. I think everything about this is highly suspicious. How could any of this be unintentional if she knew the benefits of the drug and even took it before matches ? It wouldn’t be banned if it didn’t provide any benefits at all. Although it just became prohibited I think that all of her GS wins are a sham. It wasn’t a medication she took before going to sleep but to sustain her energy in competition; not a supplement but a drug. It aided her ability to hang in long matches or outright dominate them.

  2. All these sponsors jumping back on board. It’s as if they only suspended her just to not look bad in public. For me, the testimony and reports make me more skeptical of her innocence.

    She did not disclose the medication. We aren’t talking about a protein bar or gel pack…it’s a medication. One must be totally negligent or incompetent to omit disclosing a regular medication your taking. This is your livelihood and a requirement at testing is to list medications on drug intake forms. She elected not to for 10 yrs.

    The medical records only date back 3 months, not the 10 yrs she claimed to be taking them for a heart issue? If she had records for 10 yrs and if she disclosed medication on all testing intake forms for 10 yrs, I’d be more inclined to give some benefit of doubt…but this did not happen.

    It seems like 4 yrs is the guideline for intentional usage. 2 yrs if one can somehow show unintentional, or if one can not prove intentional. In this case, if they can’t prove for sure it was intentional then 2 yrs seems inline with that – although a lot of other players have got less for unintentional

    If Sharapova is out 2 yrs, does that effectively end her career? I wonder what Capriati is thinking….

  3. You mentioned the ITF requested 4 yrs but was rejected and reduced to 2 yrs by tribunal.

    Does the ITF have a guideline for # yrs for intentional usage?
    Does it also have a policy for how many years that can be reduced by for “unintentional usage”?
    It seems all over the place for the various players who’ve been suspended.

    It’s kind of odd that only her agent would know she was taking Melodonium? Why would her agent be the one to know what supplements she’s taking instead of her coaching staff? I would think the agent would be the last person to check the list of supplements that an athlete is taking. Wouldn’t your tennis federation doctor, your nutritionist, coaching staff, WTA medical staff be the first persons to have check that list?

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