5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Monfils downs Dancevic to give France a 1-0 lead

  1. Good try Frank. Gosh it sounds like it’s an oven out there even with the rain.

    Is the humidity and heat getting to Pospisil or did he injure himself? That first set and maybe even the match was his at 5-0….Simon wasn’t returning anything and Pospisil was swinging free but then total utter collapse, bad shots, bad decisions, bad drop shot ideas, missed easy overhead.

    Hope you can turn it around Vasek, but I guess if you are going to lose now, you might as well lose quickly in 3 sets and save energy for doubles.

    • Full credit to Pospisil though for gutting it out. He was dictacting play and beating up Simon early. The heat and humidity is really getting to him.

      Larendeau should throw in the towel if Pospisil goes down a break early in 3rd.

      Vasek looks like he’s going to drop dead soon and we’ll need him recovered to have any chance at doubles.

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