Yahoo!: Murray too good for Raonic in the Wimbledon men’s final

WIMBLEDON – Milos Raonic didn’t play his best tennis, but he didn’t expect to in his first major final.

He couldn’t find a way to beat Murray’s best tennis, though, and so ends up the worthy runner-up.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game for all the details.

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6 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Murray too good for Raonic in the Wimbledon men’s final

  1. Post Wimbledon random thoughts:

    o Thanks for the great coverage of the fortnight! I appreciate all the CanCon and info combined with analysis.
    o Milos was OK to good in the final but Murray played great today. Still a good performance for a first Grand Slam final. Hopefully he’ll be able to find his way to a few more but it will be tough.
    o Congrats to Shapovalov. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him (go Richmond Hill 😉 )
    o I’m not a twitterer but seems there’s been too many trolls around your feed — don’t let them get to you.

    • Thanks! I mock the trolls. The only people who can hurt my feelings are the people I love and respect. 🙂

  2. I thought Raonic played at a higher more aggressive and commanding level in Aussie open, so I hoped he could have played as well today, now that he’s healthy. In any case, Murray simply beat Raonic, so credit to Murray.

    Raonic is a bonafide top 5 player now. Only thing separating him from Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal is a grand slam.

    It took Murray 5 finals appearances to get his first grand slam win.
    Raonic’s 1st slam is coming….perhaps as soon as US Open.

    • That wasn’t a final. WHOLE different ballgame. Still many, many things that separate him from those four guys.

      • Yes you are right not a final. I was just hoping he could play as well as the Aussie SF. I hope that once Raonic can get that 1st grand slam, he’ll see more and more success like Murray before him.

        Raonic keeps improving each year so I’m optimistic he’ll break that top 4 level soon. Of course, Djokovic/Murray will be in way for a few more years but Raonic is knocking on the door.

        Perhaps a Rio gold medal may get ball rolling for Raonic, just like Murray’s gold did in London

        • I agree. He needs to win something big but smaller than a slam like a 1000 or Olympic gold; he needs to take a bite out of the cherry before he can have the whole pie.

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