Yahoo!: Murray uncompromising on Sharapova issue

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – Andy Murray pulled no punches when asked for his thoughts about the Maria Sharapova positive doping test.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game to see Murray’s reaction, as well as those of Nadal, Agnieszka Radwanska, Simona Halep and many other top players on the WTA Tour.

Lots of video.

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Murray uncompromising on Sharapova issue

  1. That’s pretty funny how Halep says she has not talked to her & won’t talk to her as she has never talked to her before.

    Murray’s right. You should double-check everything yourself and not just rely on others. If someone makes a mistake, you’re the one that is going to be responsible.

    Halep indicated that you can send a request to doping to verify everything you are taking is ok. Why wouldn’t every player do this annually as well to be sure? Sharapova’s story is seeming more and more like a story.

    Steph, are all the media interviews sequential, or are you basically cloning yourself multiple times to get to as many interviews as possible?

    • I feel like a clone at the moment. A jet-lagged, where am I, how come there’s so much extra news clone. 🙂

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