One thought on “Yahoo!: Nestor notches his (ninetieth) title in D.C.

  1. Great report once again! Amazing for Nestor to win again at 43 in that heat. I feel bad he wasn’t able to enjoy the title presentation in what may be his last DC tournament.

    The blue court looks good but maybe they could paint a lighter colour to help with the heat some?

    Nestor’s cleaned up his serve double faults from earlier in the year but still struggling a bit to hold. He didn’t serve poorly but his serve was the one broken both sets. The heat likely did not help his legs on serve.

    Laurendeau better be bringing some Montreal winter temperature along with portable air conditioner units & ice cooling vests to Rio, one of each for Pospisil and Nestor. Asics will also need to have 500 shirts sweat wicking shirts on hand for those two.

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