Yahoo: “New” next-gen learning same lessons as the previous one

PARIS – New next-gen, same as the old next-gen.

The upstart crop of supremely talented teenager and barely-former teenagers found out Saturday at Roland Garros that with all their promise, the old boys’ network is still going strong.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game to find out more.


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One thought on “Yahoo: “New” next-gen learning same lessons as the previous one

  1. Funny how playing doubles with Pospisil has helped Sock to rise in singles, but the reverse has not been true. I know that Pospisil had had injuries, but Sock was off for quite a while after hip surgery, yet he has still managed to rise in the rankings this year, passing Vasek. Pospisil missed almost 6 months last year after the Australian Open due to injury, so there was an opportunity for him to pick up points the first half of this year, & make a move, but that didn’t happen. Disappointed because he is my favorite Canadian player.

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