4 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Pospisil brings back a trusted confidant as he faces the future

  1. Are tennis agents typically involved in actual coach selection for player, or just business/negotiation side of things?

    • This was not a coach selection; they merely suggested someone they knew who was available to travel with him temporarily if he needed it.
      Kinda of depends on what player, what agent and what their relationship is.

  2. Another 1st round loss would be really demoralizing. Pospisil should win 1st round…I hope.

    Even in doubles where I was hoping he’d get a confidence boost, Pospisil has not played at the level he can…missing a lot of volleys, returns and getting broken more than Nestor.

    Hope he gets on a roll in at US Open in singles and wins a GS in doubles!

    • When your head’s not in it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s singles or doubles. It’s just being on the court that’s the problem.
      He’s done better in doubles than singles this year in part because it’s not only up to him out there. And because he’s really, really, really good at doubles.

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