8 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Pospisil parts ways with longtime coach Fontang

  1. Seems to be a pretty amicable split, and to be fair it seems like it was needed, at least from afar. Pospisil has the tools to at least be top 30 consistently, and though he had some success with Fontang it just seems that it was time to move on, maybe to somebody that is a bit harsher, kind of like a Lendl type.

  2. A bit surprised with the split because I recall one of your article following Wimbledon where he was saying that he had tried too many different training regimens in the last years and the only stable thing in his team was his coach, and that he valued that a lot.

    Anyway, it probably won’t hurt to have a new coach with a new take on his game but we’ll see if it helps with his confidence ups and downs in the long run.

  3. It’s not surprising that this change happened. They had some good results for a few years but Pospisil’s play has been too inconsistent and he has not been able to get anything going this year.

    Even in doubles at Rogers, he was struggling quite a bit. My pick for a part time Pospisil coach….Daniel Nestor!

    • FIRST COMMENT!!! Surprise!
      I didn’t find Pospisil struggled all that much in the dubs, TBH. His biggest flaw, if he has one, is that he doesn’t have a definitive idea of what to do on the returns on crucial points. Changes his mind a couple of times as the serve is coming and often misses. He gets fewer of them playing on the deuce side than he would on the ad, but it’s not anything new.

      • Went straight to Open court for the detailed scoop. Just wait till I finally sign up for twitter- LOL!

        Perhaps struggle is not the right word…more inconsistent with return and I thought also some on serve in first couple matches (where he’d alternate between ace/service winners vs double faults/missing most first serves).

        How you described the return process I think is a good description – that moment of indecision leading to misses on makeable shots.

        Thumbs up to Pospisil for his loyalty to date and thanks to his former coach. Hope that he can get on a roll going forward.

        • I’ve heard Vasek say more than once that he was happy with the coaching he was getting from Fontang and that it was a comfortable relationship for him. Methinks Vasek needs to have a coach that will push him out of that comfort zone and find some new direction in his game before he can return to a consistent top 30 ranking. Creative tension or whatever they call it in sport.

          • Sounds good in theory. “Creative tension” doesn’t always work IRL. Really depends on the athlete.

      • Fontang and Pospisil have probably the nicest mutual separation ever. Great parting words by Fontang and Pospisil. It’s really ironic that their last win together was against Chardy…

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