13 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Raonic named to Davis Cup team – but will he play?

  1. Canada desperately needs Raonic to play to have a chance. In 2012, Canada lost to France with I believe Raonic the only player to win.

    Question about injury subs…What happens if Raonic is deemed unfit to play at all and there was a injury to Vasek/Frank?

    As Raonic is already named as 1 of the 4 players, would Canada be allowed to sub in Peliwo/Shamasdin (practice players)?

    I kind of like the IPTL substitution rules. It would add some strategy and intrigue if one could sub in players more readily during Davis Cup play.

    • The French team that year was nothing like this one. They had Benneteau (who is the player Raonic beat). And Mica Llodra. Not four top-16 singles players.

      Raonic had to bail out of the reverse singles that year, after they (IMO) made a bad decision to put him in the doubles. He was injured, but won San José the following week. That was good times.

      Once the final four are set, you can’t substitute a fifth player in. They have to make the call on Raonic before the final lineup – which is at the Thursday draw.

      I like the four-man rule for Davis Cup. It forces captains to make strategic decisions – i.e. whether or not to choose a so-called “doubles specialist” team, or go with a less-gelled team because they choose a player who can play both singles and doubles if needed.

      Allowing teams to substitute players during the tie would only heavily favour the loaded teams, thus tilting the contest heavily in favour of those teams. The French, for example, could substitute top-20 Benoit Paire or a doubles team like Herbert and Mahut. The Canadians? Well, maybe they could put in Peliwo.

      See where I’m going with that?

      • I remembered 2012 where they were deciding between Pospisil or Raonic for doubles. I can’t recall whether he was injured playing doubles and then could not play reverse singles, or they chose for him to play doubles (partially injured) thinking Raonic was not going to be available for the 3rd day singles. In any case, whatever the decision/case, they did not win.

        No chance of a Raonic/Nestor doubles deja-vu this time lol!

        I see what you are saying where France would have a big advantage with being able to sub Paire, Herbert or Mahut.

        I guess worst case, Larendeau can have Nestor pull out some Edberg Davis Cup magic if it comes down to a 5th match.

        Now if Raonic has to bail before Thursday, let Larendeau know that I’m available to play. I promise to hold at least one service game! :o) :o)

        • Captain Marty claimed at the time that he didn’t know Raonic was injured.

          Hey – you never know. Maybe Raonic will play dubs only. :-O
          All you need to hold one service game is … four aces. Piece of cake.

          • Raonic and Nestor both out! I guess I am free to play singles, doubles and singles 3 days in a row. The outcome couldn’t be much worse.

            Pospisil’s going to have to come out of hibernation this week. Frank needs to find a Leprechaun to rub. Shamasdin needs to eat some wheaties. I need to pray.

          • Steph, any best guess who France will field in 1st two days?
            Tsonga Gasquet in day 1 singles matches?
            For doubles, also Tsonga/Gasquet, as ERV is 5th player?

          • I almost never guess. Don’t see the point in it. Just watch it unfold.
            If I try to smoke out the information and report it, that’s a different story.
            Don’t forget that half of Monfils’ family is from Guadeloupe.

  2. Not that I don’t respect and admire Frankie to death but I was thinking a good choice for clay would have been Steven Diez since Dancevic hasn’t been doing well of late. Diez has been on a bit of a tear lately in Spain on the red stuff and would be a bit of a surprise for the French who probably don’t know much about him. We need a consistent baseline strategist rather than the flashy shot-maker right now.

    • Philip – he’s playing 10Ks in Spain – the lowest pro level. Against guys no one’s ever heard of.
      No offence to him but … no.
      I’m going to guess you’re assuming his style of play without ever having actually seen him play.
      If Raonic isn’t a healthy go, let’s be honest, might as put you or me in there.

      • Remember Bruno Agostinelli? Haha, at least Diez has a ranking in the top 1000.

        • I do. He works with the young players in Toronto now.
          Just another in a long line of headscratchers – like when Diez played in Colombia years ago even though Pospisil was beating him every day in practice.

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