One thought on “Yahoo!: Raonic out in Acapulco

  1. Oh no….this would be a devastating blow to Canada’s Davis Cup chances. Hope Raonic didn’t aggravate injury in NBA game! Without Raonic, basically Pospisil would need to win every match and doubles, unless Frank can pull out some Davis Cup magic.

    My worry is are his recent injuries (foot, back, adductor) just a series of bad luck, or is it because his body just is not able to sustain the aggresive demands and play required at the top level needed.

    Hopefully the adductor does not become a nagging, chronic one, or worse a tear requiring surgery, as he’s already had 2 surgeries in 5 years (hip, foot).

    Raonic is on the cusp of GS greatness, but the dark cloud question – is he on the path of a del Potro, or can he improve his conditioning, flexibility to be more resilient and challenge for multiple GS – like a gluten-free Djokovic, or ironman Federer, or a Nadal (who up until now has been able to prevail despite injuries).

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