Yahoo!: Raonic takes on Federer, and Federer nation on Friday

WIMBLEDON – Nothing against Milos Raonic, really. Nice chap. Good player.

But when he steps onto Centre Court Friday against Roger Federer, only the folks seated above one of the big scoreboards – i.e. Team Raonic – are going to be rooting for him.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game to see how the first men’s semi-final breaks down.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Raonic takes on Federer, and Federer nation on Friday

  1. There is something almost perverse about how a whole stadium will probably be rooting for Federer to defeat Raonic but hopefully Raonic’s efforts will be appreciated by the end of the match provided he brings his A-game. Other than when he has been injured Raonic has been remarkably consistent in terms of his progress into a more complete player and definitely deserves a lot of respect for it.

    • I think the crowd, despite showing their support for Federer, were generous with their appreciation for Milos during and after the match. Classy tennis fans, IMO. Hope they’re the same Sunday when their other fave takes the court against Milos!!

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