5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Raonic through to 4th round in Miami

  1. Milos didn’t look at his best to me, either. Sock is a very good player, but he made a lot of errors last night, especially when he had break points. If he had played a little better, we may have seen an upset.

    • Yes, apparently you both don’t think he looked at his best. I’d posit that he didn’t need to be at his best.
      What you saw, was Sock. Their matches have always been tight affairs, as you can see from their head-to-head even though Raonic has won nearly all of them.

  2. Glad to see Milos make it through. He certainly didn’t look his best last night, and I wondered if he was under the weather.

      • Sock is a tough one, for sure.

        Milos didn’t seem to have trouble serving, and didn’t appear to be injured. The damn net just seemed to be in his way more than usual.

        I wish him the best of luck in the next round(s).

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