One thought on “Yahoo!: Sharapova’s racquet sponsor backs her, but not here

  1. Sharapova posted on facebook that the wallet sized card was too small font size and that the info on doping was buried in an email with non relevant website info.

    She is essentially suggesting that some media are misrepresenting the fact that the info was communicated 5 times because the drug info was hard to read. Did she want ITF and WADA to fedex a 30pt font size package to her house with the list of substances?

    I think the wallet size card she posted on facebook is quite clear. Even with a low resolution out of focus facebook picture, section 5.4: 5. lists meldonium under “hormone and metabolic modulators” banned substance list.

    It also took about 5 seconds to google WADA+drug+monitoring+program. The first two listings that come up right away are WADA links for 2016 and 2015. shows the drug was actually put on the monitoring program at WADA effective JANUARY 1, 2015.

    So, 15 months ago, she and her team should have known that WADA was monitoring meldonium for potential abuse and possible ban on 2016 WADA prohibited list.

    She posted that she has detailed medical records for her ITF hearing. Its possible the records and medical tests can provide support for her position of unintentional usage. However, aren’t athletes required to indicate on intake forms any medications that they have been taking every time they have a drug test?

    If so, she should have reported this medication every year for the last 10 years.

    If not, that shows 10 years worth of negligence, or worse, 10 years of suspect behavior, depending on your opinion.

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