4 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Three Canucks in the elite eight in Paris

  1. It’s great that they are spending money to develop sports like tennis more. Still, one can spend a lot more money and still not get the results.

    Do you think there was any area where it had the biggest impact compared to many years ago? Is it having a national training & junior center now, is it the coaching…hiring that French federation coach? Or more tennis publicity encouraging more kids to play now, hence a greater pool of players?

    Previously, just making top 50 in the world would be an achievement for Canadian ATP players. Now, we’ve got Raonic & Bouchard knocking on the door for GS singles success, Pospisil doubles GS already, Peliwo/Bouchard junior GS winners and now multiple Canadians in the QF of junior GS (and two in the SF now with a potential all canadian junior GS final).

  2. Gosh Canadian tennis has come a long way from 20 yrs ago. 3 of 8 in Junior GS QF! Hopefully they continue to develop (and also hope Peliwo gets back on track).

    • They’re spending A LOT more money than they did 20 years ago. That’s the name of the game.

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