6 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Tough blow as Genie Bouchard retires in Charleston

  1. A real bummer for her and all her fans (me included). Really interesting, almost captivating to watch her figure out how to persevere in a match. The added dimension of her coaches has made this an even more interesting storey. Obviously Saviano is gold. That being said, I don’t think we have seen the end of Hogstad. And, give him credit. She was what 15-7 under his tutelage! Looking forward, maybe a month off learning how to manage the injury, would be the best.

    • From what she told me it’s not a case of “managing it”. It’s happened before, more than once, but for different reasons. Clearly it’s a weak area of the body, though – we all have certain parts that are more vulnerable than others.

  2. Too bad about Genie’s injury.
    Another fascinating changeover with Saviano. He tells her to retire but she’s defiant then he just drops the hammer asking her if she can play the next day and you can just see the realization hit her that it’s over. Sad moment but the right call.
    Her post-match interview outfit of white and grey almost looked like it was designed to camouflage into the background (like that old FedEx ad).

      • Yes — and with better prose too. It was a compelling moment that resonated with me.
        I did print out the previous days Saviano speech, “laminated” it with clear tape and put it in my bag. Maybe helps during a changeover…hopefully I don’t owe any royalties. 😉

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