Yahoo!: Tough draws for Pospisil and Bouchard in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO – It could have been Serena and Djokovic, so it could have been worse.

But the Canadian hopefuls in singles got tough first-round opponents when the Olympic tennis draws were made Thursday in Rio.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game for a breakdown.

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7 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Tough draws for Pospisil and Bouchard in Rio

  1. Any update on Canada’s mixed doubles plans? Nestor/Dabrowski (57 CR) and Pospisil/Bouchard (68) seem too high to qualify although Nestor/Dabrowski may be close to cutoff.

    Does Canada just submit two entries to see if they get a team that qualifies (which would mean Nestor/Dabrowski get in before Pospisil/Bouchard), or do they only enter one team – Pospisil/Bouchard – hoping they get an ITF spot if they don’t meet cutoff? Of course, with latter option, they run a greater risk of not having a mixed entry at all.

  2. How is the weather there? Is the heat and humidity bad enough to be a factor like in Cinci for Nestor and for Pospisil?

      • It was a LOT warmer back home on Toronto and Montreal today than it was down here. Supposed to warm up but I asked Nestor (who was a sweat ball after practice) and he said it wasn’t too bad.

        • Well that’s good for Nestor and Pospisil if it isn’t too bad. It would be terrible to have them not play to their potential due to heat or humdity.

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