Yahoo!: Troubled Bartoli says she is “praying for her life.”

WIMBLEDON – The worrying state of Marion Bartoli’s health has been a subject of discussion for months.

But with the spotlight shining brightly at Wimbledon, it has come to the forefront.

Go to Yahoo!’s Eh Game to see what Bartoli is saying about why she has lost so much weight. It’s a twist that defies belief.


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5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Troubled Bartoli says she is “praying for her life.”

  1. Well, whatever the reason, she does look horribly unhealthy. I hope she gets better.

  2. Hope she gets back to health. I didn’t recognize her the first time I saw some of her photos post-retirement.

    The women players have it tougher with the pressure on appearance compared to men. I hope this trend and emphasis on image and looks ceases. At least for me, it’s not why I watch tennis. I don’t recall there been such emphasis back some 30 years ago but now it isn’t sufficient to just play well.

    I guess maybe I don’t get it as a guy. One needs to look good as well when hitting the ball. Tennis shouldn’t be a contest about who looks the slimmest or who looks the best in a dress. Does it not seem this emphasis on appearance is greatest in women’s tennis out of all the women’s professional sports?

    Just one look at the WTA site and you see the glamour shot looks with makeup, hair, dresses, with the primary emphasis promoting looks. There are glamour photos of 5 WTA players “posing” as if returning balls. Contrast that with ATP site where the first thing one sees is 4 wimbledon semi finalists who are actually returning balls.

    If you look at WNBA, women’s soccer, even women’s golf, the emphasis does not seem anywhere as strong as women’s tennis on looks.

    This may or may not have any relevance to Bartoli’s situation but I don’t think the increasing emphasis on appearance in tennis can be healthy to player’s self-image in an already very tough individual sport.

    Bouchard Nike dress? Who cares? I think the media also needs to stop reporting on issues like that as it only perpetuates the emphasis on looks.

      • But don’t you think it’s gotten worse over the past 30 years? I recall Seles, who’s also struggled with weight, speaking how over time with the new generation, it was no longer enough to play well anymore but also needing to look good in today’s women’s game.

        When did that start becoming a greater issue? You have Kournikova where looks seemed to matter more than winning. I guess it’s a greater societal issue but among the women’s pro sports, I see the “appearance/glam/look” factor most emphasized in tennis. In an already very mentally tough sport, I just think it puts too much unfair burden on young kids, especially girls.

        Dress attire and skirts in women’s tennis have gotten shorter, tighter, with tops more form fitting and revealing compared to 30 years ago. Now there’s sheer one piece short dresses that leave little to the imagination.

        The irony is on the men’s side, shorts have gotten longer actually; I’ve actually pulled out some really old tennis shorts not too long ago only to be laughed at for wearing skimpy men’s tennis shorts.

        I guess maybe I’m not realistic about today’s world, especially women’s sporting world where it seems its just as important to look good as it is to win in order to be most marketable. It’s what’s expected now but is that what we really want and is it healthy?

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