5 thoughts on “Yahoo!: Would you rather be lucky, or good?

  1. Aren’t there already more than 5 Canadians on pro tour? Nestor, Pospisil, Raonic, Shamasdin, Bouchard, Dabrowski, Wozniak……Dancevic and now Shapovalov.

    • Not being difficult at all…just pointing out that even with all the potential future players, Canada’s already a force right now:

      Raonic is on the cusp of winning a major (if he can stay healthy).
      Bouchard, who’s starting to find her way again is also already a Wimbledon finalist.

      Nestor’s a doubles legend who wouldn’t surprise me if he’s playing 3 years from now and Dabrowski’s establishing herself in doubles…winning once and runner up this year.
      Even Shamasdin’s a doubles finalist this year with a QF GS run.
      Pospisil’s a GS doubles winner and been top 30 singles.

      Even Shapovalov, who just beat Kyrgios, is already dropping juniors to focus on pro tour.

      Canada is already there in tennis!

  2. In three years, there could possibly be 5 Canadians on the pro tour. Not bad at all for a hockey nation!

    • That was supposed to happen a few years ago – with Peliwo and Abanda having had great junior careers.
      So, as always, let’s wait and hope. 🙂
      But with all the $$$ Tennis Canada puts into their program, I feel like that’s not really excessive.

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