June 19, 2024

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Ferrer splits with longtime coach

There have been some pretty interesting coaching developments in tennis’s offseason.

But the news Sunday that David Ferrer has split with longtime coach Javier Piles is probably even more jaw-dropping than Novak Djokovic’s hiring of Boris Becker.

Ferrer revealed the split, which he said occurred a few days ago, during a conference call ahead of the big-money exhibition in Abu Dhabi next week.

Reem Abdulleil of Sports360.com has the details.

Said Ferrer on the conference call:

“Tomorrow I will make a statement because I finished my relation with my coach Javier Piles three or four days ago. I am sad because it was a very familial relationship and next year I will begin with Jose Altur along with my same team.”

This is practically been a father-son type relationship (lasting nearly 15 years – all of Ferrer’s career). It has been one of the most enduring relationships in tennis and one that has brought Ferrer to the top of the men’s game.

Ferrer plays Stan Wawrinka on Boxing Day at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi.


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