July 23, 2024

Open Court


Genie’s rising ranking (and bank account)

MELBOURNE – Not only is Genie Bouchard making a major splash at this year’s Australian Open, she’s also vaulting up the rankings.

That’s what you can do in a Grand Slam, with all the ranking points at stake – if you can do what she’s done.

Think about it: a year ago at this time Bouchard was ranked No. 145, played the qualifying here, and lost in two tiebreaks in the second round of qualies to former junior rival Daria Gavrilova, who is a month younger than she is.

(Gavrilova, by the way, is at No. 150 in the rankings and hasn’t played yet in 2014).

Here’s an approximate look at her rising ranking, as she’s gone through the rounds.

Winning 1st round:  No change

Winning 2nd round: Up one spot to No. 30

Winning 3rd round: Up to about No. 26

Winning 4th round: Up to about No. 23

Winning quarter-final: Up to about No. 18

Winning semi-final: Up to about No. 14-15

Winning the whole thing? Top 10.


In adition to that, Bouchard earned about $6,500 for losing in the second round of qualifying last year.

This year, she’s guaranteed $540,000 (Australian) as a semi-finalist. That’s already more than the has earned on the court in her entire career so far. (Forgot to add the $18,000 she earned for reaching the third round in doubles – SM).

If she gets to the final? $1,325,000

If she wins the entire thing? A cool $2,650,000.


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