May 18, 2024

Open Court


Oz ’14: The Giorgis, just your average father-daughter combo

Camila Giorgi of Italy and Papa Sergio, an Argentine, have developed somewhat of a reputation around the circuit.

Around the time this thought-provoking Jon Wertheim story came out, we snapped these pics.

No idea who the stern-looking man sitting courtside was. Hopefully for him, not a new investor.

It doesn’t appear that Señor Giorgi has toned it down much from the pic below, taken as his daughter was about to beat Flavia Pennetta at Wimbledon in 2012. It was a big win.

The hair is even wilder – if that’s possible.

Papa Giorgi

To his left is the man we believe Wertheim talks to and describes in his story, Todd Andrews.

He walked around sporting this nautical-style jacket, looking for all the world as though he’d just stepped away from the prow of the Good Ship America. All he was missing was this to be Thurston Howell III:


Later on, we spotted him hanging out with Richard Williams, as described in the story.


The daughter will be part of the Fed Cup team taking on the U.S. in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend.

Will Papa be there? Good chance. Will their reported creditors also show up? Stay tuned.

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