July 22, 2024

Open Court


Fed Cup: opening ceremonies simple, nice

For those who didn’t get a chance to see the opening ceremonies for the Fed Cup tie in Montreal Saturday, he’s a bit of a taste of it.

There were a few quibbles, to be sure.

The ceremony honouring the late Rene Simpson Collins, with her husband and adorable-looking parents on hand, was a nice touch.

But it would have been nicer to have something a little more substantial for the commemorative patches than what appeared to be little more than a cheap stick-on. Probably a function of time constraints. They might also want to rethink naming the stark area behind the A side stands where they sold overpriced legal beverages the “Rene Simpson Lounge”. Kind of weird.

As well, the next time they hold a tie in Montreal, Tennis Canada should rustle up the version of O Canada typically used here, which is predominantly French.

Instead, an overwhelmingly francophone crowd got the mostly English version (and not a great one).

It was disrespectful to the extreme to the 3,000 on Saturday and nearly 3,500 on Sunday who attended; the best part was hearing the fans singing it in French to try to drown out the recorded version.

Probably a Toronto decision.  Rolleyes.


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