April 14, 2024

Open Court


Oz ’14: Sharapova fan has a moment

A lot of fans will be ecstatic if they get a hastily-scribbled signature with not even a glance, if they make the effort to actually get to a tennis tournament. Or, these days, a re-Tweet from their favorite player – even if it comes from a Tweeter for hire.

Never quite understood that, even as a kid. As interaction goes, it’s pretty minimal, although better than nothing.

But take a look at this fan, who headed out early to the practice court viewing area (note the lack of big crowds in the tunnel).

The fan didn’t get a selfie, or an autograph, or a re-Tweet – or even within 30 feet of Maria Sharapova. But it likely will be a moment not to be forgotten for a long time. And Sharapova was awfully sweet.

We get the feeling she’s seen this fan before, somewhere 🙂

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