July 24, 2024

Open Court


Fedberg – together again

Indian Wells – a Fedberg reunion on a deserted stadium court.

The subtitle of the story is: “Oy, my aching back.”

Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg didn’t need more coaches, physios, and other ball-shagging peeps on the court with them at Indian Wells Tuesday night.

Just two guys, no ball hopper, no one but the two of them, two racquets, a dozen or so balls and briefly, a couple of guests.

Somehow, they figured out how to get it down without a whole team! Totally old school.

On the minus side, it appears that either bad backs are contagious, and that Edberg has caught the Fed’s. Or all this top-level 2014 tennis is getting to him a bit at age 48.

That’s a comprehensive back brace he put on for the latter half of the practice session.


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