April 14, 2024

Open Court


A little morning hit for the Fed

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – Because we know that every little tidbit of news is welcome, we must report that we walked into the site from the parking lot with the Fed this morning.

He’s not a particularly prepossessing fellow – if you see a 6-foot-5 tennis player walking along, it attracts your attention right away.

The first glimpse was of some guy taking a couple of bags out of the trunk of a silver Mercedes SUV. Was looking at the SUV, actually. 🙂

Then, suddenly, the RF logos appear everywhere, you notice that all the bags, and the kit, and the hat, are perfectly matchy-matchy. And there’s the Fed. Alone. Just driving himself to the tennis courts for a little hit. 🙂

No Stefan Edberg (who is gone). Not even trainer Stéphane Vivier, who was probably already there because he’s on the court with him right now.

Just the Fed, his two bags slung over his shoulders, texting.

Sees a slightly familiar face, smiles and nods.

“Stay off that Twitter,” I say.

“Hah!!” responds the Fed, mirthfully. Ruefully? Sardonically? All of the above.

So there’s something to start your tennis day, kids. Have a good one.

The young guy he was hitting with on the stadium court this morning, as you can see below, has this lovely habit of keeping his head down through the shot. Just like … that other guy.


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