July 12, 2024

Open Court


Red Foo is an awesome boyfriend

Awwwwww, it turns out true love means picking up your girlfriend’s balls.

Here’s the generally-aggravating Red Foo, looking relatively normal without his “I’m going to get a lotta camera time” outfits or his two young posse members, being a good boyfriend to lady love Victoria Azarenka.

All alone, long after Miss Vika left the court, the Foo picked up all the practice balls splayed all over the court.

(As a tennis player himself, though, he should know better than to reach down and pick up each one individually; tough on the back. Use that tennis racquet to shove them all in the same area, and bend down once).

This was Azarenka’s final practice before her first-round loss at Indian Wells, her foot injury still not allowing her to compete.

But enough about that. On the flipside, it turns out Red Foo isn’t quite as good a tournament sponsor as he is a boyfriend.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that he has pulled his sponsorship of the $50,000 USTA women’s event there, the Party Rock Open.

Said promoter Jordan Butler:

“Redfoo said he wanted to stay involved, but he didn’t want to make a financial commitment. So losing him was big. And when we couldn’t find another title sponsor, we decided not to play.”

We’re not sure what “staying involved” means, if he won’t write a cheque. There’s not really another reason for him to be there, in the end.

Perhaps it says something about the Foo’s attention span that he got bored with it. Or it was just good business sense since the event had always struggled financially (although it’s hard to believe he went into it for anything other than vanity, really).

Maybe he’ll put that money towards a men’s event, so he can award himself a wild card into the main draw. Who knows how the Foo’s mind works?

Despite the ever-increasing prize money at the top of the game, this news is just a symptom of what’s going on in the trenches, where prize money has barely inched upwards in years, and sponsors are increasingly hard to find.

We ran into Helen McArdle, who was the tournament director for the $50,000 women’s event on Har-Tru at the Waterloo Tennis Club that had been held in July,  at the Indian Wells event.

The hard-working McArdle, who took great pride in her event, told Open Court the Cooper Challenger also won’t be held this year, for failure to find adequate corporate sponsorship.

It has been somewhat replaced by a new $25,000 event on public hard courts in the Gatineau area. But that’s not nearly the same thing.

A shame.

As for the Foo’s influence on his girlfriend’s fashion sense, no comment.


Although the shoes, we must admit, did (Party) Rock.



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