July 11, 2024

Open Court


IW ’14: Pico has a few words for Mo

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – At the tail end of a tough three-setter against Canadian Peter Polansky, a player Juan Monaco had lost to when they last met at the U.S. Open a few years ago, the Argentine took exception to Hollywood  Mo Lahyani in the chair.

He was serving for the match at 30-0. Can’t even remember exactly what it was about; perhaps an overrule on a first serve. It definitely wasn’t a time violation.

At any rate, the man they call Pico wasn’t buying it.

Here’s what ensued (and no, he didn’t actually SAY that stuff; there was too much noise going on after the match was over to pick it up).

So we’re having a little fun with it.

It might have been hard for Lahyani to take Monaco too seriously, given his post-match hat head reminded us of …


…But we’ll see what happens the next time they share a court, if there’s an issue.



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