June 18, 2024

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IW ’14 pics: Doubles with Jerzy

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – It seemed like a no-brainer that a doubles match featuring the dramatic Jerzy Janowicz, with the agitator (read: s..t-disturber) team of Paes and Stepanek on the other side, was worth checking out.

Certainly plenty of fans at Indian Wells thought so, as you can see by the crowd.

It turns out ol’ Leander and ol’ Radek really didn’t have to do much. As usual, Janowicz kind of agitated himself.

The young Polish player should never try poker. Because every nanosecond of every moment he’s on a tennis court, you have a pretty good idea what he’s thinking.

Paes and Stepanek took this one, although they did drop the second set.

But the unexpected bonus was that Janowicz was so contagious, even the usually catatonic Philipp Kohlschreiber, paired with Janowicz, cracked a few facial expressions.

On a side note, Kohlschreiber is probably what you’d describe as an “average-sized” human being.

Next to Janowicz, he looked like a miniature. It’s only by comparison that you realize just how huge Janowicz is, because he’s a pretty well-proportioned dude. He really is massive.

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