April 20, 2024

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“Klara Zakopalova” is no more

With her divorce from former Czech soccer player Jan Zakopal, Klara Zakopalova has gone back to her maiden name.

It’s terrific – not because of the divorce, obviously. That’s a very sad thing. But her maiden name had such a musical quality, and it was just so … right to describe the lady.


Her WTA Tour bio also has been updated to reflect the change; the ITF was on it earlier than this.

The WTA’s being a little cryptic:

“Married name was Zakopalova (changed name from June 2006 to March 2014)”.

She was still being referred to by her married name in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Reportedly they were divorced in January.

Koukalova married Zakopal, who is 36 and retired from pro soccer in 2008, in June, 2006. Man, she was awfully young then; she’s only just turned 32 now. We have to admit, he’s a rather fetching fellow. And clearly right into the fashion thing with his Louis Vuitton messenger bag.  Even though there’s a TAD too much resemblance to a young Bryan Adams.

The Zakopals


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