July 22, 2024

Open Court


Blasts from the past

Doing a purge at Open Court headquarters, and came across some of these unforgettable moments from a zillion years ago.

Long before there WAS an Open Court, there was tennis …

So many more, but here’s a sample. Some day, we’ll scan them all properly.

Above are Andre Agassi and Davis Cup captain Tom Gullikson entering the arena for his match at the 1990 Davis Cup final – U.S. vs. Australia. Check out the lady in red in the stands behind them. Yes, it was 1990 …

That was the year that, just a few days later, longtime tennis writer Barry Lorge happened to be in IHOP when Agassi was there, discussing with his brother/bag carrier Phil how he was going to skip the upcoming Grand Slam Cup, and how a doctor was going to fake a medical excuse for him. It was QUITE the thing at the time.


Andre Agassi wins the U.S. Open (that’s him on his knees at the net). Long before Arthur Ashe Stadium was happening, Louis Armstrong was the main stadium and it was a MUCH better place to watch.  Mid 1990s?


Fuzzy, but that’s Brooke Shields (then Mrs. Agassi) actually doing a press conference after her husband won the U.S. Open. Amazing to think of that now.


The old women’s locker room at the U.S. Open (we were in there to shower after the media tournament beautifully put on by grandmaster Bud Collins). That was the best name in tennis, back then (as for the warmup jacket, not sure what I was thinking although it probably was expensive 🙂 )

My partner was Cindy Schmerler; we were the only all-female duo and we got to the quarter-finals lol.


Back when Canada was a PLAYA on pro tennis, the Corel company, out of Ottawa, was the title sponsor of the women’s tour.


There was a time when Ellesse made really happening tennis stuff – this gold and black number was so cool, Mom and I had to buy two of them. #matchy-matchy.


Jim Pugh (I think), fires a ball into the crowd at the 1990 Davis Cup finals against Australia. You can recognize Agassi by the hair; that’s Michael Chang (a baby Michael Chang) in the middle.


The Aussies had the hotties at that tie, which was played at the Tropicana Dome (or whatever it was called then), a brand-new venue in St. Petersburg, Florida. And yes, on red clay. Pat Cash and John Fitzgerald, as a doubles team, was unbeatable from an eye-candy perspective.


There was a time when there were a lot of tennis magazines around. World Tennis was a THING.


Clearly won’t be using this at the French Open.


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