June 19, 2024

Open Court


Star-crossed Peter Polansky

Another epically crazy moment in the star-crossed tennis career of Canadian Peter Polansky Tuesday night in Savannah, Georgia.

***UPDATE: Polansky came back today, warmed up, won three straight points, and put that bad boy to bed. Good for him.***

He’s playing American Robby Ginepri, formerly pretty good but these days just sort of hanging on. And after dropping the second set of their match 6-1, Polansky rolls to a 5-2 lead in the third.

Polansky has his chances to break Ginepri and get into the locker room, with rain looming, in that game. Even has a match point. Doesn’t convert.

And then, it starts to really come down.

Polansky, serving at 5-3,  is quickly broken on the strength of a couple of shanks, a meek little slice backhand in the net and a forehand that flew on him.

After the break, they come back and it’s really raining hard. At one point, it looks like they’ll stop. The tournament referee is out. Some of the linespeople leave the court.

But Polansky wants to play – probabably figuring, hey, if they make me serve it out in the rain, I should at least get a shot at breaking him in the rain.

So the linespeople scuttle back on court.

Then Ginepri sweeps his running shoe over the lines and pronounces them slippery.


And so then, they finally stop play.

So it’s 6-4, 1-6, 5-4 for Polansky, with Ginepri serving at 30-15. They will resume it tomorrow.


And the way Polansky’s luck seems to be, we don’t even like the sound of that.

On an unrelated (or perhaps related) note, Polansky was playing so far back in the court, he was almost in the fence. And it’s not as though Ginepri was hitting it overly hard, or overly deep.


Screengrabs from the livestream.

If you want to see it go down, watch this:

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