July 12, 2024

Open Court


A little drama in the rain for Frank Dancevic

PARIS – Canadian Frank Dancevic never got to finish his first-round match in the French Open qualifying Tuesday.

There was drizzle most of the day and by the time he got on court to play against 21-year-old Argentine Agustin Velotti, it got pretty intense.

Dancevic, to say the least, handled it better than Velotti did.

At a certain point (as you’ll see below), he started moaning and groaning to the chair umpire, and to his camp, about the condition of Court 14 behind the baseline.

As Dancevic astutely pointed out, in vain, it was exactly the same a few minutes before that when HE was serving on that side. He had some trouble, but did hold.

In that game, Dancevic was just crushing the ball, looking for that decisive break to take the first set.

But they never got it finished.

“We’re done for the day, I’m pretty sure,” the Fancy One told Open court as he walked back to the locker rooms. It was just past 5 p.m. But it turned out he was dead on.

The match will resume Wednesday, second on the same court after a women’s match – weather permitting.


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