July 22, 2024

Open Court


Team Murray and Mauresmo – a work in progress

WIMBLEDON – It’s the very early stages. But one thing was clear during an Andy Murray practice at Wimbledon on Saturday: new coach Amélie Mauresmo remains very much the new kid in school.

Murray’s man-tourage was large on the court at Aorangi Park. These things tend to grow exponentially when you’re talking about something as rare as a home-country Grand Slam champion.

But as the group gathered during water breaks and such, Mauresmo was very much the outsider. Really, other than Murray, the rest of the group barely said five words to her.

You hope, as they get to know her, they’ll warm up and realize just how tremendous a person she is. This is a lady who hangs with the fellas as well as anyone.

And you certainly hope it happens soon. Because teams spend a lot of time together. And if the lady isn’t having much fun, you can only wonder how long she’ll stick it out. Because unlike a lot of coaches, she really doesn’t need the job.

Some pics here.

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