May 23, 2024

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WTA Finals: Ana Ivanovic is the greatest sport in the world – WTA Finals ’14

SINGAPORE – By definition, talking about statistics is a fairly dry exercise. But if you invite Ana Ivanovic, somehow it almost seems like fun.

The WTA Tour had a lengthy press conference Tuesday to announce the major expansion of their statistics package in partnership with SAP, data that will first be available to players and coaches and, incrementally, will increase the fan experience as well (more on that, on a serious note, later on).

It’s hard to imagine any other player who could come to this press conference and rule it. And even look as though she were actually enjoying it. Seriously, think about it – who could do that?

On top of all that, the sample match that SAP’s Jenni Lewis used to illustrate how some of the data analysis will work was … Ivanovic’s LOSS to Serena Williams the previous night.

I mean, that’s piling on.

No matter; Ivanovic laughed, and chattered, and hit a lot of the talking points about what the stats could do for her and charmed the heck out of everyone. As she does.

Give her the WTA Tour Finals “Good Sport” award right now.

Here are a few gratuitous “Adorable Ana” pics from the press conference.

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