September 29, 2023

Open Court


Video: Missing the Fed? Here’s some Fed!

No Fed in Miami. But here’s some Fed at Indian Wells, schooling some kid named Zverev.

It was only a practice match, as Zverev stayed around after losing in the qualifying and got some quality hits in against some very good players – not only his brother, but beyond.

Here are a few moments. The kid got pwned. Biggest thing you notice is the difference in the footwork – the crisp, explosiveness of Fed, especially on that first recovery step back in to the court, and the languid feet of the kid. Probably a big reason why he’s not in position to hit the ball at times.

But he’s a kid.

You’d think he’d have picked Federer’s brain all he could when they sat down on changeovers. I mean, we all would, right? But there was very, very little chatting. Maybe, like most teenagers, he wanted to make it seem like NBD.

 Here’s Zverev losing in the qualifying to Michael Russell, a player twice his age and half his size. You can see in the first bit that the languid footwork translates into matches, too.


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