June 23, 2024

Open Court


Dabrowski last to fall in RG qualies

If it’s a Gabriela Dabrowski singles match, there will be drama.

Most of the time, it’s all pretty much self-imposed, every time there’s a missed shot. When the Canadian doubles specialist hits a GOOD shot, there’s no reaction.

It’s all very negative reinforcement, which is probably why she’s not as good a singles player as her talent, from this view, would indicate.

And in the end, Dabrowski’s 6-3, 6-3 loss to Russian veteran Vera Dushevina was fairly typical, unfortunately.

Here’s what it looked like (click here if you can’t see it on your iPad)

Dushevina, who is just coming back now from an injury timeout that began at last year’s Wimbledon, is tall and strong and a very solid player. But she doesn’t do anything particularly impressive, other to stay calm, compete well and be very, very consistent.

She lets a lot of opponents beat themselves, and that’s pretty much what Dabrowski did on Thursday.

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