May 25, 2024

Open Court


RG ’15 pics: Serena Williams on Court 2

PARIS – Serena Williams looked pretty seeeeeerious on Friday.

Playing practice points on Friday with countrywoman Varvara Lepchenko (let’s just say Serena was the boss of how and how much things were happening on court, in line with the hierarchy there), there was a whole lot of velocity going on.

The hair was on point, as well.

Here’s what it looked like (click here if you can’t see it on your iPad).

Later, Williams trooped into the press conference room, as did all of the top seeds, for a state-of-things chat before it all gets under way (and no, not much of interest happens in these things, generally).

One journalist wasn’t quite up on which body part caused Williams to take an early leave from Rome but hey, one had to hear one’s own voice.

Q. How worrisome is that? Obviously the wrist is something that’s pretty vital to the process here. How worried are you about it?

SERENA WILLIAMS: “Yeah, elbow, but it’s the same. I was worried about it… “


Williams said she was able to “play a little better today in practice” (we can vouch for that) and had started to serve harder, as well.

Other Serena gems:

“The minute I step on the court, and especially during a match, I just become a different person. I just feel –  and I always say this – I always feel really special that I’m out there and people are out there to watch me and my opponent play. It’s a really almost humbling experience for me. I’m always super up for that.”

Apparently some of the male players were saying the courts were considerably slower than in the warmup events. Williams wasn’t feeling that.

“I thought they were playing fast, so maybe — I’m the worst with that. I don’t know. Slow is good for me, actually. So I hope so.”

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