July 13, 2024

Open Court


Wimby Pics – FedStan, side by side

WIMBLEDON – It’s always more fun when Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer practice together. But side-by-side is pretty good, too.

They did just that on June 28.

Wawrinka was hitting with Roberto Bautista-Agut, while Federer was in “youngster” mode (as he referred to 19-year-old Elias Ymer, who comes from the same country as his advisor, Stefan Edberg).

You wonder if Ymer, at his age, even has any consciousness of Edberg’s accomplishments beyond an “oh yeah, I saw some old videos” kind of way. You know how kids are these days; he probably doesn’t even comprehend how lucky he was on this day!

The rain kicked in, so after some courtside chatter, Federer and Ymer went out to do some volley-volley (tennis players can always find something to do on a tennis court, even if it’s a bit dodgy to run).

Federer was putting it right on the tape, so to speak, for Ymer, while the young Swede was making Fed do all sorts of calisthenics to get to the ball. Too funny.

A little more wisdom dispensed as it really started to pour, and that’s all she wrote.


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