October 1, 2023

Open Court


RCup ’15: Shino IN THE HOUSE!!!

MONTREAL – It all started on a line call Frenchman Nicolas Mahut felt was incorrect.

He’s arguing and arguing with the chair umpire, telling him he has to foxus, and as I’m looking at him, I see … is it a familiar face? Could it be?  ….



By now, I expect Shino to be the first person I run into, as soon as I arrive at a tournament. But I NEVER expected to see her here – in shorts, no less.

It’s not even funny any more. She must think I’m stalking her.

First HOUR after arrival at the Australian Open in 2010 …


Out of nowhere at the US Open in 2011 …


As Genie Bouchard is winning her junior Wimbledon title …  there she is!



Oz Open 2014 – I hadn’t even unpacked yet …


She was the first person I saw when, jetlagged and right off the plane, I took the tube and bus and arrived at the qualifying in Roehampton at Wimbledon this year. In the middle of the field, totally random.

She sort of gave me a look. And then carried on.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen her in Montreal before (which doesn’t mean she hasn’t been here but dang, I’d have NOTICED!).

Maybe she’s stalking me 🙂

(Worth noting that the call Mahut so vociferously argued during his qualifying match Saturday was NOT made by Shino, who had the all-important service line – that’s the most important gig in the linesperson business, because it carries a bunch of other responsibilities with it. It was the sideline call on a serve, which Mahut was sure was wide.) 

All we have to say is this: Bienvenue à Montreal. Have a smoked meat.

Regional dishes, Montreal, Canada

And, for dessert, maybe one of these. On me.


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