February 23, 2024

Open Court


Oz ’16 pics: Serena and her angst

MELBOURNE, Jan. 16 – Photos surfaced later of Serena Williams sitting on a chair on the baseline and being attended to by a trainer (who also has been taking care of sister Venus), during this practice session.

But prior to that, it was fairly regular Serena.

After watching dozens and dozens of her practice sessions, a pattern emerges that varies some depending on whatever physical nicks she has, but remains thematic.

Serena arrives fairly serene, pretty chill.

Then, she ups the intensity as she’s hitting. And as soon as she misses a few balls, the angst filters in. That’s the perfectionist in an athlete of this magnitude, and probably one good reason she is who she is.

During the time Open Court was there, there wasn’t any limping, any sign of anything major on the physical side. It just looked pretty much like normal Serena practice court stuff.

Here’s what it looked like.

We’ll see on Monday, when she faces Camila Giorgi, what she’s got.


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