May 25, 2024

Open Court


Open Court pics: Serena on Chatrier

PARIS – If Serena Williams ever took up golf, she’d look JUST like the above pic after teeing off and trying to put a little body English on her hook to get it back in the fairway.

Thursday was a pretty miserable day at Roland Garros and when Williams was on the court, she was blowing her nose, wincing at various aches and not taking any extra steps she didn’t have to.

We’d call it Serena Slam fever but given the conditions, most players would probably feel as lousy.

Here’s what she looked like.

Williams did, however, obliterate a few tins of tennis balls with her serve.

And what’s a team for, if not to clean up the work area?

After a little Snapchatting, Williams walked off while her group of fellas toted her bags, tidied up said obliterated tennis cans, and basically left things as they found them for Simona Halep and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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