April 18, 2024

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Report: Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena, suffers stroke

Per Radar Online – and it looks legit, with quotes not from a “reliable source” but from Richard Williams’ wife.

The story is here.

The legendary tennis dad, 74, reportedly has suffered a serious stroke. If you read Lakeisha Williams’ comments, it sure doesn’t sound good AT ALL.

She says he’s up and walking around, but …

“He needs speech therapy, psychological therapy and physical therapy but for now he refused,” she said. “I’m trying to get him under control and relaxed so that when we come back from out of town we could try to get that going. But he doesn’t wish to be bothered with anybody.”

She also said that, like a baby, she has to “think for him.”

“His mind is telling him that since he was once in charge of his life, after what’s happened he’s not accepting it. To him he’s a normal person – nothing happened to him,” she told Radar.

The story says Williams (see above on court with daughter Venus in Charleston in early April) was released from the hospital last week – i.e., before his daughters dominated Saturday at Wimbledon with Serena’s singles win and their team effort in taking the women’s doubles title.

There’s no word on whether the sisters knew about it during the tournament, or were only told afterwards.

No doubt more information will come out. At a time when the sisters should be basking in their sterling accomplishments at Wimbledon, life has thrown them a big curve.


Williams married Lakeisha, wife No. 3, in 2010 and son Dylan Starr (above, in Charleston), is four. Only good thoughts to the man his disciples call “the MasterMind”.

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