July 22, 2024

Open Court


Bouchard breezes into Round 2 in Oz (pics)(audio)

MELBOURNE – She had to wait all day and most of the night to do it, but Genie Bouchard got it done.

Here’s a little audio-photo piece, with pics of the match and the audio of part of Bouchard’s post-match interview running in the background. Enjoy.

The 22-year-old kept it low-key after the match, as she did her media in a smaller room with the star of the night, Roger Federer, holding court in three languages in the main room.

Bouchard herself joked that she was glad there were some fans there for their “shitty match” (YES, SHE WAS JOKING) even if their hearts were over on Rod Laver Arena with the Fed. It was a tough atmosphere, with the crowd in Margaret Court Arena a bit drained by the long five-set win by 2014 champion Stan Wawrinka that came just before. The Genie Army were ready to go, though.

She found a lot about her next opponent, Peng Shuai, from a Chinese journalist who came in to ask a few questions – notably that her old/new coach, Thomas Högstedt, had once worked with Peng.

Bouchard has some family in town at the moment – ber uncle and aunt and a cousin are in town. Agent John Tobias, who has taken over things recently, also is in the house.

The second-round match against Peng will be on the soulless Hisense Arena Wednesday, likely around midnight EST (just a rough estimate, as it’s the third match on the court).


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