June 12, 2024

Open Court


Oz pics: Rafael Nadal gets ready for Baghdatis

MELBOURNE – Game face squarely ON for Rafael Nadal in the late afternoon Thursday, as he warmed up with coach Carlos Moyá for his second-round night match against veteran Marcos Baghdatis.

Not entirely sold on the kit. But there are a lot worse out there, that’s for sure.

Check out the game-face squarely on, as the two smiley fans get a selfie with him.

One selfie-seeking employee, part of the cleaning crew, wasn’t so lucky. After getting an autograph and pushing his luck for a photo (after tucking his credential in because he was in a restricted area and KNEW he wasn’t allowed), he got a talking-to from security and but for the guy’s big heart, would have had his accred revoked (and his job along with it).

That’s a pretty big risk to take just to get an autograph. Even if it’s Nadal.

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