September 21, 2023

Open Court


IW pics: Bouchard has an “in” with the tournament director

INDIAN WELLS – You know what’s handy? When your coach used to work with the director of a major tournament.

Tommy Haas, who is still in a final year on Tour (but isn’t allowed to compete in the tournament he’s the director of) has a pretty sweet gig this week.

Sunday, he hit with Stan Wawrinka. Monday, it will be Roger Federer. So even through he apparently has a job to do, he still has plenty of in-house talent to keep his skills sharp as he prepares to play Miami.

Part of that job, of course, is to glad-hand the talent. And the German stopped by Genie Bouchard’s practice court Sunday as she wrapped things up to say Hi, how are you, and let me know if you need anything.

There’s a connection there; Bouchard coach Thomas Högstedt used to work with Haas. The coach benevolently took a pic for Haas to put on his social media.

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