July 11, 2024

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Tomic speaks out, Dad dismayed

WIMBLEDON – Before Bernard Tomic headed off for a holiday in the U.S., he dropped a few more nuggets of Tomic Talk in an exclusive interview with the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“You probably don’t like me but, at only 24, you guys can only dream about having what I have at 24,” he told the Herald Sun. “End of the day, don’t like me or whatever. Just go back dreaming about your dream car or house while I go buy them.”

Tomic left Wimbledon with a little less scratch to buy his big-ticket items. He was being assessed a hefty fine for his post-match comments after losing to Mischa Zverev in the first round.

He also might have a few more issues filling the new Lamborghini with gas going forward. Racquet sponsor Head dropped him in the wake of those comments.

But for now, he’s balancing the books just fine.

Dad Tomic says son’s too comfy

Tomic’s father John was in so many ways the creator of this rather immature character. But even he has concluded that Bernie has gone a little too far.

“He’s my son, I love him, but I’m ashamed at how he’s approaching his business. It’s not good what he’s doing,” John Tomic told the Herald Sun. “I do not support such behaviour, especially at (a) unique grand slam like Wimbledon. You have to have respect and follow the rules. You have to work hard. And you have to put in 100 per cent and challenge yourself.”

Tomic père spoke out. But he wasn’t too thrilled with some of the former players who suggested his son should (practically) be run out of town on a rail.

Some of those people, of course, actually have bought their dream house or dream car. And, also, won Grand Slam titles. So it’s not only the great unwashed who take exception.

There are a lot of pretty good quotes in this Herald Sun story. In a nutshell, all of those words basically reiterate that both Tomic and his father still have some growing up to do.

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