July 11, 2024

Open Court


Mrs. Ohanian has dream wedding

All brides are beautiful. And everyone looks happy at their wedding, of course.

But doesn’t it feel like Serena Williams just seems … over the moon as she made it legal with Alexis Ohanian Thursday in New Orleans?

Just beaming.

The rights to photograph the wedding went to Vogue. And they’ve got a 50-plus slideshow of photos from the ceremony and reception up already.

The wedding day was the ninth anniversary of the passing of Ohanian’s mom. It was just one of those picture-perfect details of the event that looked to be bursting with them.

The story that accompanies the photos has Williams all gushy and wedding-y and making sure the chemistry is right with the wedding planner and all these things you just never imagined Williams saying.

It doesn’t actually sound like her saying the. But of course we’ve never heard “Bridal Serena” before.

Williams been rather circumspect about her love interests over the years. And even in the early days of courtship with Ohanian, she always seemed to act so casual about it.

He, on the other hand, made no secret of how besotted he is.

But just look at her. At age 36, she has the handsome prince and the beautiful baby girl and the dream wedding that looked perfect down to the last detail. So it was all worth waiting for.

And have you ever seen her mother Oracene Price look more beautiful? And sisters Venus and Isha? 

Now … will we see Serena in January in Australia? It’s just two months away.

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